BackThe Warmth of Traces

Theme Description

Agricultural tools take part in the daily work and life of farmers. They shape a culture by gradually evolving through life experiences and adapting to the local environment. Weathered by wind and sun, these tools bear unique marks and a tactile warmth. Although indispensable, they are often the first to be abandoned as their owners fade away.
In 1993, while documenting the dilapidated rural areas and elders left behind, Chiu De-Yun discovered many agricultural tools and daily utensils forgotten in old farmhouses. The idea of using objects to represent people surged in his mind. The project Wind Blows and Sun Shines series spanned four years, capturing over a hundred daily utensils. Chiu didn't arrange these items for his shooting; instead, he made simple photographic records of them in their original environment. These items, forgotten or abandoned by their owners, still retained traces of warmth. Their wear and tear is subtly connected to the labor and life shared with their former owners, and times they had for each other.