BackHard Neck, Hard Work

Theme Description

In Hakka language, the term “Shuifuteu-wearing folks” refers to people working in the fields. However, “Shuifuteu” also implies poverty and shabbiness. Chiu De-Yun captured images of small and large farms in Miaoli with his cameras, portraying the farmers, who were often referred to as wearers of “Shuifuteu.” Sharing a similar upbringing and background with his subjects, Chiu shortened the emotional and spatial gap between himself and those he photographed. He took pride in encapsulating the ethos of frugality, self-sufficiency, and hard work embodied by those in “Shuifuteu.” During the chilly days of early spring, he employed his lenses to document diligent farmers toiling in the fields, as well as laborers at fishing ports and construction sites, illustrating the exertion and sweat of their labor. The photographer's presence was a testament to standing side by side with these laborers, enduring the scorching sun and chilling winds, with the intent of conveying their struggle and strength through his imagery.