BackThe Ambience of Life

Theme Description

Inspired and influenced by realist photographers Deng Nan-Guang and Lee Tiao-Lun, Lee Ti-Chin documented everyday life with his photography, finding joy in observing, discovering, collecting, and creating art. The streets he walked and the streetscapes he photographed became keys to unlocking memories of the past, unfurling realist scenes in boundless time.
Lee captured quotidian moments in Taipei in the early days, such as innocent children and random encounters in alleyways. He carefully framed the scenes, adjusted the aperture and shutter speed, and patiently waited for the tiny theater in the frame to put on the desired scene before taking his picture. Behind each shot is a long wait for the photographer. Decades later, when we review these realist scenes from boundless time, we can still perceive the candidness brewed over time and the air of life sealed in the images.