BackChow Chee-kong: Odes to the Four Seasons

Theme Description

“Framed in the windows are the ancient snows of the West Mountains; Moored at the door are boats coming from the faraway land of Eastern Wu.” Composed by the poet Du Fu during Tang Dynasty, this quatrain presents how poetry is formed when a person is moved by what he sees and how those verses stir up imaginations in the mind of the audience. Likewise, Chow Chee-kong opens up a new world with photographs for the audience to explore and further guides them to immerse themselves in the imagery universe through poetry. Beside his rich and ink painting-like landscape photography, the photographer also used subdued colors to frame the transitions between four seasons. From spring, summer, autumn to winter, Chow Chee-kong captured the changes of scenery over time. Intimate yet complementary, the abstruse relationship between poetry and photography puts the finishing touch to the photographer’s works.