BackThe Patrol of the Modernity

Theme Description

With the emergence of the New Women, who waived the convention of foot binding and received modern education introduced from Japan, they experienced the liberation of thoughts and adopted new, westernized aesthetics. With changes in the female role and the awakening of self-awareness, women gained the courage to step out of their houses and put on a new style of clothing that reflected their education and aesthetic value. The trendy qipao, which was tailored to accentuate female elegance and physique, showcased a simple, natural, and refreshing style, and became a classic attire that integrates the styles of the East and the West. Fashion became a way of showcasing self-awareness inspired by Western education, and clothing liberated women’s individuality. This mingling of the East and the West empowered and enlightened the women of this era, allowing Taiwanese women to break through their conventional image and present a new look different from both the Taiwanese and Japanese tradition. Women who were influenced by the new fashion of the Modern Era, wearing Western-style clothes and neat short hair, demonstrated a beautiful self that was both active and positive on the runway of history and became a representing image of modernization. Focusing on outdoor realistic photography and street photography, “The Patrol of the Modernity” sets its scope on the female image of the new era in the context of social change.