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Theme Description

The “Taiwanese people” consists of the indigenous peoples and many different groups of later immigrants. These new and old immigrants from different periods have diversified Taiwan’s demographics. Also, as Taiwan evolved from a temporary stop or haven into the base of expansion or counterattack chosen by different nations, centuries of history has brought these people of different backgrounds onto the same small island. The courses through which they strived to settle on this island would naturally be bumpy and full of challenges. 


Despite being different ethnic groups from different backgrounds, “we the public” on this land all identify with the historical context constructed by the long flow of time and unpredicted incidents, and slowly begin to share similar experiences of growing up, forming our different yet similar backgrounds. From childhood, youth, to family, from daily rural life to people in all professions, and from rural villages to urban areas, we face examinations, games, sports, and entertainments together; whether it is hand-puppetry or baseball, we  enjoy and laugh together, and grow up together.