Accumulation/Embodiment: 2022 National Art Exhibition R.O.C. Photography Category

2022.12.21 - 2023.02.28
National Center of Photography and Images, Taipei Galleries 301、302、303
Exhibiting Artist(s)
TAI Chen-Tung
HE Yong-Shun
CHANG Yu-Cheng
WENG Ching-Ya
KAG Ruey-Shen
CHOU Yung-Chung
LO Su-Chiu
WU Wen-Ling
LU Fu-Shin
CHU Li-Wei
WU Yi-Ping
LIN Chao-Kuo
LIN Fang-Ying
WU Chang-Ming
Ministry of Culture
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, National Center of Photography and Images
Exhibition Overview

“Accumulation/Embodiment: 2022 National Art Exhibition R.O.C. Photography” is the first exhibition tour featuring photography since the “National Art Exhibition R.O.C.” was established in 2011. The “National Art Exhibition R.O.C.” is a competition organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and aims to provide a platform for artists to present their works and exchange ideas through its selection, evaluation, award, and exhibition process. Since its establishment, the photography section has remained one of the most competitive categories with the highest number of entries, showcasing rich and abundant creativity, which has gradually shaped “National Art Exhibition R.O.C. Photography” into a beacon among government-held photography competitions.

After careful and deliberated evaluation, this year’s event (the 12th National Art Exhibition R.O.C.) has selected one work for each of the gold, silver, and bronze prizes among the photography works, with 16 works that are shortlisted, adding up to a total of 19 works. In terms of content and form, the works showcase the participant’s selection of subject matter and conceptual and experimental tendencies, as well as varying creative methods such as image collages, expanding the frontiers and expressions of the genre. The most notable works of this year not only feature the artist’s personal experiences but also allude to their explorations of life and the surroundings, analysis of the urban scene, interpretations of social issues, and reflections on inner sentiments, presenting different creative focuses and perspectives.

By focusing the exhibition on the concepts of “accumulation” and “embodiment” through independent curating, the National Center of Photography and Images, Taipei is presenting the 17 awarded works of this year’s “National Art Exhibition R.O.C. Photography.” The title of this year’s exhibition not only implies the considerable number of entries but also alludes to the idea that amid the accumulation and embodiment of the varying expressions amid the recent photography works of Taiwan, the competition strives to encourage and discover talents and inspire dialogues through photography.

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