Crystalized Times: 2022 Centenary Memorial Exhibition of Photographers of Taiwan

2021.12.29 - 2022.04.05
Taipei National Center of Photography and Images, Taipei. Galleries 201, 202, 203.
Exhibition planner: Hsiung Peng
Exhibition Planner: Tsai Min-ying
Exhibiting Artist(s)
Lee Ming-tiao
Dennis K. Chin
Lin Chuan-tsu
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, National Center of Photography and Images
Exhibition Overview

Photography is the vehicle for lights and shadows. It is also a unique form of art that materializes flickers of an age on paper. Spurred by its graphic nature, it seizes decisive moments in a twinkling, while allowing for the expression of individual point of view. Through the opening and closing of the photographer's shutter, defining images of an age are taken down. Imbued with meaning, these images cross the past and the present and constitute a rich vein of influences over the future.

As 2022 marks the centenary of the birth of three Taiwanese photographers, Lee Ming-tiao, Dennis K. Chin, and Lin Chuan-tsu, National Center of Photography and Images dedicates Crystalized Times: 2022 Centenary Memorial Exhibition of Photographers of Taiwan — Lee Ming-tiao, Dennis K. Chin, and Lin Chuan-tsu to these precursors of Taiwanese photography born in 1922. The exhibition explores their works in a number of themes vital to their art. Having encountered photography under different circumstances, they developed distinct perspectives and aesthetics. Tracing back the images they created, we can glean an abundance of clues about our culture from their unflagging undertaking for the benefit of Taiwanese photography which is over a hundred years old. This is also a gateway to Taiwanese photographers' passionate pursuit of images.

In this exhibition, the works of Lee, Chin, and Lin are carefully selected from the collection of the NCPI and accompanied by archival images. Lee Ming-tiao's works feature post-war suburbs of Taipei, Tamsui River, and the bridges in Taipei. Photos of human figures Lee took during the relatively conservative 1950s are also on display. His manipulation of lights endows the female body with the visual appeal of classical paintings. Dennis K. Chin's early works of photojournalism testify to important moments of Taiwanese history.

After retirement, he travelled widely and took fascinating pictures around the world. The unique composition and robust colors in Chin's works demonstrate the photographer's aptitude to capture scenes and his creative energy. Lin Chuan-tsu's visual sensitivity is inscribed in the riveting works of everyday life in Taichung. Lin has also taken pictures of indigenous people during his numerous visits to their tribes. The series not only offers a way to know more about indigenous cultures for Taiwanese people but also serves as a precious visual archive. In addition, Lin's pictures of rural scenery experiment with techniques in color photography, characterizing his stature as one of the pioneers in color photo printing in Taiwan. This memorial exhibition not only exhibits the physical works of Lee, Chin, and Lin, in-depth explanations of their works are also available on the website of the NCPI, making it easier for all aficionados of photography to find out more about the artistic visions and the historical context of Lee, Chin, and Lin. rough seeing the show in person and online, we hope to bring our audience closer to these enthusiastic creative lives and their enduring influence over Taiwanese photography.

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